Several people ‘seriously injured’ in house fire in Ravensthorpe as traumatized man describes when blaze started

Several people have been seriously injured after a fire engulfed a row of houses in Ravensthorpe – with one man describing the moment he was ordered to flee his home with his family.

Emergency services rushed to the scene shortly after midnight after reporting a fire on Queen Street. Several fire crews rushed to the incident, with two crews still at the scene, which is guarded by police. Terrified residents have been ordered to leave their homes, with some families not yet allowed to return.

A man told Yorkshire Live how the fire had ‘worsened every half hour’. The Queen Street resident, who did not want to be named, fled his home in the early hours of the morning, along with his wife, daughter, son and son-in-law.

The family, who were praying at the same time, were up because of Ramadan when they saw the fire. They had to spend the night with relatives because they were told to leave their house. Their loft was affected by the fire.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service at the incident

He said, “At first we didn’t know what was going on. We got out and saw the fire, it was getting worse every half hour. We have not been told when we will be able to go inside, we are just awaiting information. We have all our insurance documents right inside my cell phone. I didn’t have the chance to get it. We were only able to go back inside to take my wife’s medicine.

A mum-of-three, who moved from Leeds to the area, said: ‘I woke up around 12.20am. I could see fire engines so I could tell there was a fire. I woke up to police slamming doors telling people to get out. I hope everyone is out. There was a lot of commotion. »

When asked how they felt when they woke up, she added: “We’re used to it, it’s hard here. I was searching the internet to find more information about what was going on and last year three people were stabbed.”

The cord on the premises

At least six families have been unable to return home, according to a resident, who shared an account of his experience on Facebook. At around 6am, the man wrote: “The whole block has been evacuated and 6 families still cannot return to their homes, including my own. One house is completely burnt down and a few others have been damaged.”

A resident at the scene also told Yorkshire Live that he saw the damaged property. “He went through the whole house. No one will be able to live there for a while,” the man said.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “At four minutes past midnight, a report of a house fire arrived, which was attended by a significant number of police, fire and ambulance personnel.

“Several people were removed from the address and taken to hospital with serious injuries.”

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