Tears of the Kingdom could use Link’s house more

As Fans Expect Big Changes From The Upcoming Sequel The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one area that needs improvement is Link’s house. Link’s house was a welcome addition to breath of nature, as it added some realism to the character and an homage to previous games, but fans were disappointed with its lack of unique features and limited customization. While it was an interesting take on Link’s owning a home, with only a few storefronts and general furniture, it didn’t live up to fan expectations.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has the opportunity to expand Link’s house, allowing players to use it more. Whether it’s providing Link with a source of food and gear or a place to showcase player achievements, Link’s home could turn into the perfect hub area. Beyond that, it could be an extension of players’ own style if Nintendo opens up a Hylian decorator mode to decorate Link’s cradle.

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When Link’s house is introduced in breath of the wild, she is being prepared for demolition. Preventing its destruction and renovating the house to its former glory becomes a series of side quests, but the ultimate reward simply being Link’s fully renovated house doesn’t seem to reflect the importance this place should have. Beyond a few storefronts and a DLC-exclusive photo of the game’s champions, the house has little use except for fan service and free health regeneration.

tears of the kingdom should give more use to Link’s house, especially if players already own the house from the events of breath of the wild. Since renovation is not an option, a return from Bolson could expand Link’s house, add new rooms, or develop the surrounding land. For example, adding farmland with a personal stable could give players a stable source of food and crafting materials, while new rooms could fulfill other needs like a dojo to practice moves or a library to record traditions.

While Nintendo may not be giving players free rein to upgrade Link’s house, it could at least allow players to customize the decor inside. In an ideal world, this would be like letting players buy or build new furniture to place as they please. animal crossing meets Zelda. The range of furniture wouldn’t need to be complicated, but a selection of chairs, tables, beds and more would allow players to creatively engage with the game. Some furniture or decorations could even be rare quest rewards, introducing prestige so players can brag to their friends.

However, Nintendo may reduce the level of customization to a more manageable degree for development purposes. In the same way that players were able to dye the majority of Link’s clothing, tears of the kingdom could offer the choice to select home decoration types. This can range from choosing the wood of the furniture, the color of the carpets and curtains or the paintings on the walls. Keeping furniture and decor static while letting the player input their preferences could be an easy compromise for tears of the kingdom.

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Previously Zelda games, Link’s house has had mixed relevance to the game’s narrative, but there’s enough to argue for its significance in tears of the kingdom. For example, in A link to the past it serves as a starting point and passing point for later play, while A link between the worlds’ Ravio takes over Link’s house to rent or sell him important equipment.

Given the uncertainty surrounding tears of the kingdom when approaching shrines and dungeons, new waypoints may need to replace them. Link’s house could serve as one of those locations, replacing the nearby Myahm Agana Shrine. Additionally, it could serve as a meeting point for characters wishing to contact Link, as realistically his house would be the only guaranteed place he would visit if they wanted his attention. This would lay the groundwork for new side quests, new stories with old characters, or the introduction of new characters.

One way tears of the kingdom could push the limits of Link’s home use if they capitalized on the new floating islands populating Hyrule’s skies. As featured in several trailers, tears of the kingdom new sky islands will add a bold dimension to breath of the wild gameplay that sees players scale cliffs among clouds. tears of the kingdom could take Link’s house and raise it to one of the highest points in the game.

By doing so, returning to Link’s house would become a challenge for players needing to max out their stamina and prepare food for the impossible climb. A little like breath of the wild reward for restoring Link’s house was gaining access, tears of the kingdom could replicate this with the reward for reaching Link’s house being access to one of the highest waypoints on the map. Alongside the possible connections with skyward sword and Twilight PrincessLink’s residence could become home to loftwings or oocca, adding extra flavor to tears of the kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom should come out on May 12, 2023, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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