Texas Paw House donates dog houses to Fix West Texas to help pets in need

Texas Paw House donates a doghouse each month to Fix West Texas to be auctioned off for its “Pets in Needs” program, which helps cover funds for pet owners.

MIDLAND, Texas — From hardwood interiors with sealed roofs to glass windows and LED porch lights, The Texas Paw House can make dog houses dreams come true.

Alejandro Guerrero, who is self-employed with his own business, has been enjoying this side hobby for a few months.

“Me and a friend, we work together,” Guerrero said. “It depends on the size, the most common size we offer is 4×4. When we build these we try to give ourselves an idea of ​​what the animal would like to feel comfortable in there.”

So far they have created a total of nearly 30 dog homes, for local clients and even larger clients like Cowboys Running Back, Ezekiel Elliott. However, they now want to offer their services to pets in need here and locally.

“We just want to help the canine community,” Guerrero said. “We also want everyone to know what Fix West Texas is. We both care about pets. We want to raffle them off to help the canine community here in Midland and Odessa.”

Each month they will donate dog houses to Fix West Texas to auction off for their “Pets in Need” program. A program that helps meet the financial needs of their customers with respect to their pets.

“Alejandro contacted us, he saw that we had done a bunch of dog houses,” said Fix West Texas vice president of operations Karen Patterson. “He wanted to give us a few and he’s actually going to give one a month, on an ongoing basis so we can raffle it off and auction it off and then we use all those funds to help people cover part of it. of the bill that they cannot cover.”

It really seems that by building these houses, Alejandro also found his new home for this new hobby. “It’s just something we love to do and we enjoy it. What I love the most is when I sell a house. I meet the owner, the pet owner and we play and it’s something fun.”

Fix West Texas will hold monthly auctions, where dog houses from Texas Paw House will be auctioned off. Today at 5 p.m., a large dog house donated by Texas Paw House will be sold. For more information, you can visit Fixed West Texas Facebook page.

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