The 6 best heated dog houses for the winter




Heated dog kennels have a branding problem. For the most part, heated doghouses are not heated, or at least like we heat our homes. From $ 500 to $ 50, most options are designed to insulate and keep a small space warm through your puppy’s natural warmth above all else. Using electricity, gas, or batteries to heat a doghouse can be effective, but it can also be dangerous if a dog tries wiring in the middle of the night or spills a tank. Here’s what to look for in a heated doghouse and which ones to buy.

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What to look for in a heated doghouse

Raised floors: Although a doghouse planted firmly in the ground is better insulated from below, it is also subject to the dangers of precipitation in cold weather. If it’s raining or raining or if your dog feels like taking a pee and doesn’t want to go out in the cold to do so, a doghouse with a base attached to the ground will not be habitable during the colder months. Being dry is a prerequisite for heat.

Material issues: Most doghouses designed to withstand the cold are made of thick wood or plastic and may include an extra layer of insulating material like EPS foam.

Enter through the exterior door: A door or design element meant to keep cold, biting winds out of your dog’s room is absolutely essential.

Insulation on electricity: What you will find in this guide and in the “heated” doghouse market is that there aren’t many options for artificially heated doghouses with electricity, gas or batteries. There are many reasons, but it usually comes down to cost and safety. With the exception of extreme cold, most outdoor dog breeds will comfortably manage in a kennel built with insulating material, a door of some sort, and a raised base.

Extreme cold protection not included: If you are looking to keep your dogs outside in a place where the temperature regularly drops, you will need more than just a doghouse. Consider thermostatic dog beds (they warm up when the dog sits on them) for the house or even a doghouse-specific heater (this one comes with chew-resistant cords). Remember that dogs, even those with winter-ready coats, are susceptible to the same risks as humans in low temperatures, including hypothermia. Leaving a dog outside in the cold can be considered neglect, which is a criminal offense in all 50 states.

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Petmate Dogloo XT

The Dogloo is one of the most popular heated doghouse options for those on a budget. The floor is raised and it is fitted with tiny drainage moats that run through the interior of the structure. The door is open but slightly offset to allow your puppy a reasonable escape from rain, wind and snow. The dome shape is also useful in snowy and rainy weather, naturally removing precipitation over time.

Lucien Club Dog House

A simpler and more affordable approach to the dog house. There’s no door obstruction to block out the wind, so we don’t recommend this setup for a backyard that gets a lot of wind, but it does check our other boxes well. The floor is raised off the ground and the floorboards come out for easy cleaning (the roof also opens).

Heated dog kennel Aivituvin Dog House

Equipped with walls and floors more than 1 inch thick, the Aivituvin kennel is naturally heated by your dog’s body heat. The structure is made of wood with foam inside to reinforce its insulation capacities. Elsewhere, nice features like a chew-resistant aluminum-lined door and a divider panel to protect your dog from the wind abound.

Imperial Pets Wooden Insulated Norfolk Dog Kennel

Pet Imperial’s kennel pretty much checks all the boxes. It has four feet to keep the house off the ground, and its feet are individually height adjustable, which means it can stay level even if your garden is on a slight slope. The construction is solid wood and the insulation is reinforced with layers of polystyrene plywood. It also has a simple flap door and the floorboards pop out for easy cleaning.

ASL Solutions luxury insulated dog house

Made of molded plastic filled with two to four inches of EPS foam per panel, the ASL Solution Dog Palate is definitely the top of the dog house market. It is lifted off the ground and it has a self-closing door to block out wind and rain. According to the brand, the insulation is so effective that the interior of the house (when your dog is inside) is, on average, 25 degrees warmer than the temperature outside. This means that it is 70 degrees in your dog’s room when the weather goes down into the 40s, and so on.

Dog Palace Colossal Round Barn Insulated Dog House

The high price reflects the size and quality of the Dog Palace. Instead of a plastic flap door, the door is made from the same heavy, insulated molded plastic as the rest of the structure (the bottom door panel can also be folded down to serve as a window during the warmer months) . Instead of using styrofoam, the Dog Palace uses EPS insulation, which has been used to insulate flat panels and beams for over 70 years. The floor is raised four inches from the ground and is already so slightly tilted, cleaning is as simple as hosing down the interior and waiting for water to escape through a small drain hole.

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