The adorable photos of Armando and Kenny with their dog truffles

90 Day Fiancé fans love to see memorabilia of Armando Rubio and Kenny Niedermeier’s adorable dog Truffles. Here are some of his treasured moments.

Popular 90 day fiance Stars Armando Rubio and Kenny Niedermeier’s pet dog Truffles passed away a few days ago, and it’s time to look back on their memorable times together. Fans may know that Armando and Kenny love sharing their lives with their furry friends. Last year, the couple expanded their family by welcoming Mika and Romero into their lives. They adopted an adorable kitten named Romero, whom they rescued from under a pile of trash.

Later that Christmas, the two had another pup named Mika, who had become great friends with their 17-year-old pet Truffles. Sadly, Kenny and Armando said goodbye to their old friend last week when she passed away after 17 years of a wonderful life. Their pet dog was loved by their family and adored by many 90 day fiance viewers for her warm presence on the show. Fans remember the sweet girl of her little tongue that would perpetually stick out of her mouth, making her even more adorable.


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Despite his age, Truffles was a handsome dog with long hair and a cute face, which speaks to Kenny and Armando’s caring nature towards their pets. On January 31, Florida native Kenny broke the sad news of his sweet Truffles passing away. On this touching occasion, let’s take a look at some of his greatest moments with his loving family.

The Last Christmas

Here is a nice family portrait with all the members present except their new dog Mika. Armand shared this photo just days before having Mike. It shows the whole family wearing formal outfits and capturing precious memories with each other. Since the occasion was Christmas, the Mexican reality star simply captioned it, “Merry Christmas.90 day fiance fans loved the photos and left several loving comments on the post.

The three Musketeers

Another treasured memory of Truffles comes from Armando’s reunion photo with Kenny. He shared this photo in the summer of 2020 when he finally met Kenny in Mexico. Photo shows Kenny and Armand sipping a good drink on the roof with their pet. This meeting is an extremely important moment in the life of the couple, and it is great to see that Truffles is a part of it. One fan commented: “My three favorites in one photo.” Another shared, “My favorite couple!! I wish you all the happiness in the universe. I see truffles!

dad and daughter

Last but not least is this adorable moment from Kenny’s Instagram. In the photo, the American reality TV star spends time at the park with his old friend, who seems happy for a 16-year-old dog. Kenny captioned the post, “With my old daughter Truffles (16.1 years old). She goes where I go.90 day fiance fans loved the photo because it reminded them of their own cute animals. One fan commented: “I had a Chihuahua between the ages of 6 and 27 and it was my baby.“Another fan stepped in,”Awww, Truffles.90 day fiance viewers are sorry for the loss of Kenny and Armando, and they will always miss Truffles.

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