The cat’s reaction is priceless (Video)


Emilie Heyl

Posted on 10/29/2021, 2:00 PM

Just like siblings, dogs and cats who grew up together and live together under the same roof are teasing each other, all the time! Well, these two are no different.

A dog sits comfortably on a cat

Last week, Tik Tok user @ lindaycurtis1 posted a hilarious video that went viral.

The short clip shows a cat peacefully lying on what appears to be a dog’s bed. Next to the cat is his brother dog, who doesn’t seem too happy about the bed situation. So he decides to take the matter in hand and just like that, will sit in his bed and ON THE CAT!

The cat’s reaction is hilarious

First of all, the cat looks at the dog as if to say “Are you seriously not going to sit on me ?!”. But, no, cat or not cat, the dog has decided that he wants to be in his bed.

The cat isn’t really fighting to get out of this situation, doesn’t even try to escape, it just stands there staring at his human in surprise as if to say “Did you just see that ?!

The video has been viewed over 10 million times and many Tik Tok users have commented on this comedic scene.

One person commented: “It’s such a brotherly thing. “You are in my place. ” ‘Too bad.’ ‘Pffft fine, I’m just going to sit on you.’ Both: “MOOOOOMMMM !!!

Someone added: “The fact that they are both looking at the camera at the same time as if to say “are you going to do something about this?” but in different contexts.

We still laugh about it!

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