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CACAO – A small housing community, Peacewind Cottages, built by Miniopolis Builders at 200 Sandpiper Dr. in Cocoa, features structures that provide unique living conditions for residents.

“It’s in high demand right now,” said Brian Sodre, CEO and Founder of Miniopolis Builders. “More than TV shows that promote a different lifestyle of simpler building using less, using less energy, using less water, less space to store unnecessary things in the house and live a happier life.”

The development comprises 140 lots of which 20 are currently for sale, Mr. Sodre noted.

According to, the basic model of a Tiny House offered by Miniopolis has characteristics

– 500 square feet of living space

– A 10′ x 14′ bedroom

– A 5’x 8′ bathroom; and

– A kitchen equipped with a breakfast bar, a stove, a 30 inch sink and a 33 inch refrigerator.

Upgrades are also available for the accommodations, including a loft, solar panels and a tankless water heater.

Options people can customize from the base model include colors, fixtures and plumbing fixtures, flooring options, cabinet colors and styles, Sodre noted.

The starting price for a base model is $145,000, with the lot not included, although 5,000 square foot (55′ x 90′) lots are currently for sale.

Within the development there are also community amenities available, says Miniopolis, including a clubhouse with a community garden, swimming pool, lake and feeding forest. Pets are also welcome.

He also added that a wide range of people are buying small homes.

“Affordable housing is a huge topic right now,” Mr. Sodre said. “There are a lot of families downsizing, trying to preserve their wealth, seeing your community, baby boomers are looking to have a low-footprint, low-maintenance home…and they don’t need a lot of extras. space because most family members are on the move living their own lives….. Then we have a huge generation, which is my generation, millennials, running up a lot of debt, student debt to be precise and they are in their career but it is difficult to buy their first home.”

He added that there was also a third group in this mix.

“…Remote workers, commuters, people who travel often,” Sodre said. “They want a place they can call home away from home and they can’t afford a $500,000 second home, so this is a great alternative.”

Mr. Sodre explained what he feels is the cheerful nature of those who also buy small houses.

“Tiny house owners just have a different way of life,” Sodre added. “Overall, they are happier people, they are very generous, they help each other a lot. They are very in tune with how to make this world a better place by planting your own garden and recycling products and just being very sustainable overall. I like it in this community.

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