these are the smart devices used in Dina’s house

Get a connected home for the kings of the house, with the example of Urban Tecno’s most technological cat.

Have pets at home This is already common in our country. Who else and who least has, or has had, a pet and knows what the take care of another living being and the concessions we have to make. However, we seem to forget that we live in the 21st century and the Technology always found on our side, helping us to improve not only our quality of life, but that of all the people and animals that live with us. If you want to know the best tech products so that humans and cats enjoy one more comfortable lifethen we reveal the connected life of Dina.

Smart sandboxes are as expensive as they are useful in everyday life and when you leave the <a class=house for a few days” width=”1200″ height=”637″ class=”size-full wp-image-117564″ data-srcset=” 425w, 800w, 1200w” data-src=”;aspect-ratio:1200/637″/>

Smart sandboxes are as expensive as they are useful in everyday life and when you leave the house for a few days

These are the cat products that will help you in their daily life and allow you to connect with them, even when you are not at home.

In this Article you will not find any type of sponsorship, simply the opinion who writes these lines to you and who was able to verify how his the cat loves technology and how you can do it too, yes, by investing time and money in it. In the following paragraphs, I will show you the devices that we have at home and that serve us so that Dina, the animal queen of the house, can eat and drink regularly, have a clean sand pit without having to realize it and we can to interact with her when we are away from home.

Smart feeder and water source for iron health

Clever combination of fountain and feeder is perfect for cats

It goes without saying, but it is clear that to enjoy your cat at home, all you need is a traditional feeder and drinker. However, when you are absent or when you want control power supply of the animal, these products are really useful. In our case, Dyne I needed to have the controlled weight and that is why we opted for the model of catit smart feeder. Thanks to your mobile appyou will be able to set the meal times of the cat and to be able to keep the food in its To pay of about 1.2kg.

The feeding schedule not only helps the feline’s diet, but it is essential don’t always depend on others when you go to to be absent a few days from my house. Thanks to your notification system you will always know when food has been given to your cat and how much. The water sourceon the other hand, does not use any type of technology, but since it also comes from the same company and can be use without having to recharge one weekis the ideal supplement to keep your adventure partner healthy.

Pixi Cat Feeder

Catit fountain

Surveillance camera with communication function and candy dispenser

Furbo has to put up with Dina's insistence when we're not home

Furbo has to put up with Dina’s insistence when we’re not home

Do you think you know what you are doing? cat when you’re not at home? would you like to be able to see him, talk with him and listen to him? It may sound strange to you, but one of the best investments we’ve made for our pets is the device called Furbo. East Surveillance camera goes much further and offers you the possibility of observing your animal in resolution Full-HDeven without light thanks to its technology of night vision.

However, what really sets Furbo apart is its candy storeideal for use with dogs and cats, which you can to throw your pet when you are not at home, thanks to the mobile app corresponding. Also, if you use the device with dogshe will be able to detect their barking and send you one notification on the cell phone so you know if he’s bothering the neighbors too much. Dina, for example, already recognizes the device and knows that if our voice comes out, it’s treat time.


Smart litter box with motion detection, scent dispenser and mobile phone connectivity

The latest acquisition that we did, last Amazon Prime Day, was the spectacular sandboxing of pet kitthe model Pure X. Its mere presence will grab the attention of your guests and leave your cat with a fly behind its ear for a few days. However, with a little patience, he will get used to getting in there and using it. And believe me: it’s a revolution for you and for your home. Not only you will avoid having to clean the litter box each time you use it, but you will have the option of using many other functions.

It is obvious that forgetting to take the shovel and remove dirt is its strong point, but the power leave for a few days with the peace of mind of knowing that no one will have to come every day to take care of this task is really interesting. Thanks to applications for mobile devices you can meet how often does he come to the litter box, something that can indicate health problems, the time spent indoors and, surprise, you will have a weight managementsince the Pura X includes a ladder inside.

The product is completely safe for the animal, since it has different sensors to ensure it is cleaned when the cat is not inside, and provides a odor elimination system, both to be released when the cat uses the litter box, and to schedule its use during the day, in case the accumulation of dirt in the compartment is uncomfortable. Our liveat the moment, is fantasticalthough it is clear that the the price is a major obstacle to make it part of your feline friend’s routine.

Petkit Pura X

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