This £1.25million property includes a submarine, igloo and plane

Visitors can choose between several weird and wonderful accommodation options (Picture: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

For £1.25million, you could own a five-bedroom period house, plus two planes, a submarine, an igloo and a UFO spaceship.

Tony Rhys-Davies Jones, 50, is the current owner of Apple Camping – but visitors don’t sleep in tents.

They can choose from one of the many weird and wonderful accommodation options on site – which includes jet planes, a speedboat, a UFO spaceship, a submarine and an igloo.

But now the campsite, near Redberth, Pembrokeshire, is up for sale, and it could be yours for just £1.25million.

Toby started his business because he wanted to bring something different to the area.

He said: “I really wanted south Pembrokeshire to have something a little more alternative.”

Toby says the igloo was inspired by PacMan (Picture: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

The jet looks surprisingly comfortable (Photo: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

You can live your dreams of owning a speedboat (Picture: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

He explains: I thought, ‘what’s stopping us from reallocating things like planes and things that people might want to stay in? and it has been ever since.

But when someone else had already obtained a glamping license – Toby’s original plan – he had to think outside the box.

Toby has been building his business for over a decade.

Toby says it’s time for someone else to add to the site (Picture: Channel4/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

Fancy a plane trip in the woods? (Picture: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

The UFO was inspired by his love of film, travel and retro (Picture: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

He explains: ‘I took my mum shopping at Cotswold Airport, just like you do. We were looking for an airplane to recycle and I came across the Jetstar, which is the private jet of the 1970s.”

“The inspiration for UFO came from my love of movies, travel and retro.

“But once I had an idea, I needed to find someone to build it. A few people said there was a semi-retired boat builder called Steve Hicks in Tenby.

“So he and I went for a pint and explained that I was thinking of building a UFO, and he could work on it from his work with fiberglass from his boat building experience – and he turns out he had always wanted to build a UFO.’

Would you sleep in a submarine? (Picture: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

It could all be yours for £1.25million (Picture: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

Toby is selling his period property with the campsite full of quirky accommodation (Picture: Fox_Grant_Salisbury/WALES NEWS SERVICE)

Toby says he now wants to move on to new businesses elsewhere in Pembrokeshire – and is selling the whole site.

He said: ‘I’m getting past Apple Camping and it’s at a point where it’s ready for someone else, who may also want to do weddings because it’s a really adaptable site and can be taken at another level by another person.

“While I was also creative in getting it to where it is now, I think someone else might have fun adding it, now is the perfect time to let someone else continue to stretch it.”

And the house that Toby is leaving is beautiful too.

He says: ‘The house is a period farmhouse with huge inglenook fires, full of features, for new owners it could potentially be a large family home, it’s huge with lovely large rooms, and it’s ‘is a good house to come home and turn off.’

The site is on sale for £1,250,000 from estate agents EA Fox Grant.

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