This 50K Little Home Could Be Your Off-Grid Dream Home


These small dwellings are often compared to motorhomes, but they generally look more like a traditional house. These are low cost solutions for people who like simplicity. And that’s what the team of We shelter people also wants to offer.

Based in New Mexico, in the Taos area in particular, the company has been building cottage houses on wheels since the 2000s, providing solutions for those who want to get tiny and live the dream off the grid.

His latest project is a modern home filled with the conveniences of home. The structure is based on a twin axle trailer, and it is 20 feet (6 m) in length and 8.6 feet (2.6 m) in width. Indoors, it has a space of 209 square feet (19.4 m²) and features a loft, maximizing both function and comfort.

The house is particularly sturdy because every inch of the exterior walls and roof is covered with plywood, including the risers and steps. It has large double-glazed windows and a sliding door that creates a feeling of openness. This is because We Shelter People wanted to build a living space that gives the impression “I am inside, but I feel like I am outside”.

But there is also a downside to having such large glass windows: when towing the house, stones or other debris can easily break them. That’s why the company decided to provide cover for the front panoramic window which can be attached whenever you travel.

Although the exterior is painted black, the structure does not actually trap heat during the summer as one might think. The We Shelter People team performed a “dry heat” test on a hot summer day, and the temperature stayed at 78 ° F (25.5 ° C). According to US Department of Energy, this is actually the ideal indoor temperature for your home during the summer months.

As for the winter season, the house is fully insulated. From the ground, from the walls to the roof, the structure is equipped with a radiant barrier. To warm up the place, the team included a propane heater that creates a nice fireplace effect.

The little house has one bedroom, which is a loft-style sleeping space with a low ceiling which can be accessed by the stairs. Below is the kitchen, which comes with cabinets built in-house. It includes a large worktop, two-burner stove, sink and refrigerator large enough “for the needs of one or two small inhabitants of the house”.

Next to the kitchen is the bathroom, which although small in size also has everything you would find in a traditional house. There is a shower, a compact vanity, a sink, a medicine cabinet and a composting toilet.

The water supply comes from a 40 gallon (151 liter) tank which can be easily filled by connecting it to an external water source. According to the company, the tank should be enough for two people and last a few days before filling it.

Power is supplied by a solar system made up of 12-volt batteries and four 310-watt panels. The house also has an optional electrical connector for “on-grid” life that allows it to be easily connected to a power source.

Other features included are a water heater, LED lights for all living areas, and a bathroom fan to help remove odors and condensation.

For what it can offer, this tiny house is selling for $ 49,999. If you want to go over everything that was used in the construction of this house and the process behind it, you can check out the construction notes listed by the company.

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