This pocket-sized Nattika house is the perfect model for the ordinary man

The common man faces many challenges when he decides to build the house of his dreams in Kerala. Lack of space and financial constraints are the most common challenges that cause a person to rethink their decision to build a brand new home.

The value of plots and land has skyrocketed in most places. In addition, the cost of labor and building materials also increased, forcing the common man to give up his dream of owning his own home. However, Siraj, from Nattika, has an incredible history of building a beautiful mansion by overcoming these challenges seamlessly.

“The rectangular plot I owned cost barely 5 cents. In addition, our budget was also limited. I managed to keep the budget under control by reducing the square footage of the house and choosing the right building materials, ”says Siraj.

The elevation features a flat box style to overcome the spatial challenges of a smaller plot.

The interior and exterior walls take on the serene charm of the white hue. Meanwhile, blue highlight paints were used on the borders to give more dimension to the elevation. The interior spaces are arranged towards the rear of the plot to adapt to its unique layout.

Designed in 1,100 square feet, this fabulous abode features a living room, living room and dining room, two bedrooms and a kitchen with a work area. The spaces designed in the semi-open style have been separated by partitions to ensure privacy. A small wall separates the living room and the dining room.

The staircase and the washing areas are arranged in the spacious hall.

Among the many factors that made it possible to control expenses, the construction of the cement block structure played a central role. These are cheaper than bricks and laterite stones. The interiors have been designed as space saving areas by reducing the square footage.

Image Credit: Special Arrangement / Manorama Online

Moderately priced tiles that cost Rs 50 per square foot were used for the flooring. Instead of using expensive wood for furniture, anjili wood was used. Most of the furniture is ready to use and reasonably priced. In addition, false ceilings have been avoided and light points are installed directly.

The structure allows the family to build an additional floor, if necessary, in the future. Siraj is happy and proud to have been able to realize his dream with an affordable budget of Rs 18 lakh. This is quite impressive as it would cost at least Rs 25 lakh to build a 1100 square foot house at current construction costs.

Project facts
Location – Nattika, Thrissur
Land – 5 cents
Area – 1100 square feet
Owner – Siraj
Designer – Muhammad Mirshad
Mirsha and associates, Calicut
Mob – +91 9947141002

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