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Angie and Andrew Florence pose in front of their small house in Mineral Wells. The hull was built by Amish craftsmen and they finished the interior. (Photo provided)

MINERAL WELLS – A couple from Mineral Wells are living the big life on a small scale.

Angie and Andrew Florence live in a small house, a 16 by 20 foot house where the main directive is to keep it clutter free.

“You must look at your needs and not your wants” said Andrew.

Located on 2 1/2 acres in Mineral Wells, the home‘s shell was built by Amish craftsmen in April 2021. The interior was built by the Florences.

“We did everything ourselves” Angie said.

Angie Florence in the living room of her tiny house in Mineral Wells. The house is 16 by 20. (Photo provided)

The house, which has a loft with enough space for Andrew’s three children to visit, was completed in July 2021 and the Florences have lived there ever since. The total cost was around $33,000, with the hull costing $15,000.

The house is almost completely “off-grid,” which means no utilities except for water, which will be replaced by a storage system that collects rainwater, Angie said.

Electricity is generated from solar cells producing enough watts to power a refrigerator, lights and other appliances. The Florences don’t have a TV and their internet connections are through their cell phone service, Andrew said.

The house has a wood-fired hot water tank and the heating is also wood-fired, but there is no air conditioning. The Florences, who cook on the wood-burning stove that doubles as heating, grow much of their food and keep bees.

Being off-grid means not having to depend on utilities if something goes wrong, she said.

The living room and kitchen of Angie and Andrew Florence’s tiny house in Mineral Wells. The couple also strive to be totally off the grid and not dependent on utilities. (Photo provided)

Their lives are chronicled on a YouTube channel, “The Florence’s off-grid trip.” They also have a Facebook page of the same name.

YouTube is a great source of information about being off the grid and learning how to live in a tiny house, Angie said.

Clutter is the bane of living in a tiny house, according to Angie. Space should be used as efficiently as possible, she said.

“You cannot be a hoarder or a collector of anything”, Angie said.

But the advantage of living in a smaller house is that there’s less maintenance, she says.

Andrew Florence demonstrates how to do laundry with a manual washing machine in “The Florences’ Off-Grid Journey”, a series on their YouTube channel. (Photo provided)

“I can take 10 minutes and the whole house is clean,” Angie said.

According to Comfyliving.net, 63% of millennials would consider buying a tiny home, and 68% of those living in a tiny home own their home and don’t have a mortgage. More than half of small home owners have more money saved than the average person.

The Florences were prepared to live in a small house. They lived in separate campgrounds before they got married, Andrew said.

Living in a tiny house changes the mindset and makes people realize that material things aren’t necessarily what’s important in life, Angie said.

“You must examine yourself”, he said. “You must be prepared to live with necessities and not with wants.”

It’s a simple life, but there’s more freedom when there’s less to worry about, Andrew said. People don’t need all that extra stuff, Andrew said.

“It’s the hardest thing for people to understand” he said.

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