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Starting out in a new home will always be a daunting journey to take. When we settle in one place, we tend to avoid having to turn our whole lives upside down and move to another. But there are countless circumstances that mean it’s still something we often undertake. Maybe you’ve found a new job that requires a move to shorten your commute. Maybe you have kids and are moving to be in the catchment area of ​​a good school. Maybe you have a growing family and want to expand. Alternatively, your adult children may move out and you want to move to a more manageable home. Whatever the reason for your move, it is very unlikely that the house you choose will be completely ready and to your liking as soon as you move in. Most people need to engage in a few home improvement projects to add a touch of their own style and character. and to ensure that it is functional for all who live there. Here are some suggestions that will really help you turn any house into a home.

Start with renovations

If you’re moving into a home that will need renovations at some point, it’s usually best to get it done and do it as soon as possible. Ideally, it should be done before you are moving in – if you are able to stay in another accommodation until the work is completed. Doing renovations before moving into the space can ensure that all the work and messes are finished and cleaned up, leaving you with a great blank canvas to work on. There are countless renovations that people find appealing. You may want to extend the property, do a loft conversion, undertake a basement conversion, knock down walls, add walls, or a whole host of other tasks. Whatever you’re planning, make sure you get planning permission before you start. This means that you won’t run into any problems down the line or have to undo any changes you make. Also, be sure to use qualified and reliable contractors such as architects and construction workers to ensure a good job.

Hire an interior designer

If you don’t have a lot of free time – maybe you have a busy work schedule or lots of family commitments – or you just aren’t confident in your own home design abilities, you can simplify the whole process on your own by hiring high-end interior design specialists. This professional will be able to do what it takes to bring together a final aesthetic that suits you and your individual tastes and preferences. Just make sure you have a budget in mind before you start. This will give you the opportunity to discuss options and avoid overspending.

Choose a color scheme

Think of your home as a blank canvas that can be decorated however you see fit. Let’s start with the basics: the color of your walls. Painting your walls before moving any of your belongings there is a wise move, as you won’t find yourself accidentally splashing paint on anything you want to keep unpainted. It’s also wise to do this before installing new flooring, such as carpet or hardwood. It also helps keep those surfaces splatter-free. When painting a wall you will need to determine the color scheme of the room. Do you want something neutral like white, mushroom, cream, beige or magnolia? Do you want something refreshing like light gray tones? Want something warm, like a pastel shade? There are endless options. Be sure to pick up paint swatches of anything you’re really considering. Sometimes the paint can look different on your walls than it does on the box or in the store. This is due to different lighting and surface textures. Using paint samples can give you a preview of how the final space will actually look and allow you to make a more informed decision.

Hire a decorative painter

Once you know what color palette you want and have selected some paint, you can get in touch with a professional decorator painter to start transforming your home. Of course, you can paint yourself, but whether or not this is a suitable option will depend on you, your abilities and how much time you have. Painting cleanly is harder than many people think. Additionally, you need a fair amount of tools and materials, such as floor coverings, a range of brushes, a range of rollers and more. A professional decorative painter has everything it takes to do a good job. They will also be able to tackle harder-to-reach areas, such as stairwells and high ceilings. Determine if you just want to paint the walls or if you also want to paint the ceilings, door frames, window frames, baseboards and other areas. Again, ask for a quote beforehand. This will help keep things within budget.

Deep cleaning

Do you keep elements of space? The rugs? Floor? Furnishing? If you are, now is a good opportunity to deep clean. This will make the space look fresh and new, even if some items have had previous owners. There are different ways to do a deep clean depending on what you plan to clean. If you’re tackling carpets, for example, you might not want to just vacuum them, as that only lifts surface dirt. Instead, you might want to hire a professional carpet cleaning machine and buy a specialist carpet cleaning detergent to really get the dirt off the pile.


Furniture is what will really add a personal touch to your home. There are countless options, so the furniture people invest in says a lot about what they like. Browse the different stores and make sure you know your spending limit. Remember that not all furniture has to be brand new, straight from the retailer. For a more personalized touch that stands out from other furniture, you might consider browsing antique stores, second-hand furniture stores, or sites that specialize in selling vintage items, like Etsy. Here you can find all kinds of unique items that you probably won’t see anywhere else. Another option is handmade or bespoke furniture that is designed and created to order.

Wall decoration

Wall decor can also add an extra personal touch to a home. What you decide to put on the walls is what you want to see day to day, so it can be a good opportunity to show off your character. You may want to invest in art. You may want to frame and hang personal photos of friends, family, pets, and places you have seen. You may want to add hanging rails for instruments. You may want to add shelves to display your belongings. Whatever suits you! Just make sure all devices are secured for added security. You can hire professionals to do this, or if you have the necessary tools, there are also many free online tutorials that can help you as well.

There are countless steps you can take to truly make your house a home. Hopefully some of the ideas outlined above will inspire you and help you along the way. In no time, you will have the house of your dreams in your hands! It just takes dedication and commitment.



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