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Dr Abdul and his wife Dr Shirin are delighted to share the experiences of building their brand new ‘Ishal’ home in the beautiful countryside of Mullambara near Manjeri. Shirin’s brother and his wife are architects; thus, the couple did not have to look elsewhere to hire designers.

The family was not interested in building a box-style flat house, which has become so common in Kerala. Instead, they wanted a nice house, with a sloping roof, suited to the region’s tropical climate. Additionally, they wanted the interiors to have plenty of natural light and air. In addition, they prefer to have enough privacy for each area. Meanwhile, the family is relieved that the architects, who are close to them, designed the house and supervised the construction.

The elaborate, four-layered roof is the highlight of the elevation. It really gives a majestic look to the house. Tiles have been paved over the GI truss roof. Also, there is a layer of mud tile ceiling underneath. Exposed laterite stone walls add a rustic charm to the exteriors. During this time, the interior walls were plastered and painted.

Designed over 220 square feet, this amazing abode features a porch, sitting area, living areas, kitchen with adjacent workspace, and two bedrooms downstairs. Meanwhile, there is a bedroom, a living room and an open terrace on the upper floor.

Gray colored tiles with a rustic finish are mostly paved in common areas. Bespoke furniture fits in perfectly with the overall theme of the house. The simple sofa set, chairs and dining table with bench on one side add an elegant ambiance to the interiors. Designer tiles have been used on the wall and floor of the washing area to highlight this area.

The structure was designed in an “L” shape, to fit into the unique layout of the plot. In addition, it guarantees visibility from all points of the house. For example, it is easy to capture a view of the entrance area from the kitchen. The spaces are divided into private, public and semi-private areas. The sit out, the porch and the main entrance are in the central part of the structure. Meanwhile, the other areas are arranged on both sides.

From the quaint sit out and entrance area one could enter a spacious hall designed in the open theme. The living room and the dining room are sumptuously extended here without any dividing element. A sliding glass door in the living room opens onto the courtyard near the boundary wall where a beautiful vertical garden has been laid out.

The staircase was built with paving of wooden planks on a metal frame. The couple proudly say they own an impressive number of books. They wanted enough storage space to keep them and their children’s study materials. Interestingly, plenty of storage lines the walls of the hallway, next to the staircase that leads to the bedroom on the upper floor.

The mezzanine is a smart addition, taking advantage of the incredible high ceilings. This area could also be turned into a mini guest bedroom. The interiors are decorated with indoor plants, bringing a touch of greenery into the house. Floor-to-ceiling windows are installed in the bedrooms on the lower level. The fabulous beauty of the garden and landscape can be enjoyed from here.

Kitchen cabinets are marine plywood with mica finish. The counter, meanwhile, was paved with granite. An adjacent workspace has also been fitted as part of the kitchen.

The trend of paving the front yard with interlocking bricks or tiles has become common in Kerala. However, Abdul and Shirin were not ready to blindly copy this trend. They used baby courage in their front yard allowing rainwater to seep into the ground. Natural stones and grass have been paved in alternating layers in parts of the landscape. Interestingly, the windows are installed in the right places to receive the cool breeze. Thus, the interiors have a comfortable ambience. It is not necessary to turn on the light during the day because the sun’s rays penetrate the house in abundance.

Construction was stalled for some time during the lockdown period. However, the family is happy to have moved into the comfort and safety of their dream home. The couple does not hesitate to reward the architects for the design of a spectacular residence, as they had dreamed of.

Project Facts

Location – Manjeri, Malappuram

Land – 10 cents

Area – 2200 SFT

Owners – Dr. Abdul Aslam and Dr. Sirin Shefeek

Architects – Nigar Roshan and Ahsana Hyder

Double-thinking architects

Crowd – 80894 56897, 99957 87778

Year of Completion – 2021 August

Budget – 58,000,000

Photos: Akhil Komachi

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