UPDATE / WATCH NOW: Dog tries to reach for food, inadvertently turns on stove leading to fire which damaged house | New



“(The smoke) started to get worse,” White said.

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“That’s when we knew something was really on fire,” Hale added and they immediately called the fire department.

Outside the house, firefighters opened the front door. Some climbed to the top of the house, appearing to evacuate an area of ​​the roof and a window, where smoke could be seen billowing with waves of water coming from their pipes. Meanwhile, the family’s four dogs made it out unharmed. The Kenosha police kept the dogs company until their owners arrived.

The owner of the house, Killis Gayheart, said he was shopping with his wife when he was told his house was on fire. The family were reunited with their dogs, but Gayheart said he didn’t think it was serious until he saw the emergency response at work.

Family facing deaths from COVID-19

Gayheart took a deep breath as he recounted how he and members of his family, including his stepmother and a grandmother, had recently battled COVID-19. Gayheart, who said he had been very ill, has since recovered. But, the two women had just died within days of each other, he said.

“And now,” he said, shaking his head.

At the scene, the Kenosha Fire Prevention Bureau division Santelli informed Gayheart, pulling him aside to speak in private.


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