Vizag will soon have its first Igloo cinema

Visakhapatnam: If people want to go to the cinema, they have a choice, either they go to a regular cinema or a multiplex, but very soon the people of Visakhapatnam will have another cinematic experience called Igloo theater. The igloo cinema is a novel idea which is being adopted in the town of Jagtial in a neighboring state of Telugu. The cinema hall is being constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 1 crore.

The igloo theater arrives at A Square Go-karting near Anandapuram Junction flyover at Visakhapatnam. Construction work is progressing at full speed and the theater should be ready within a month. Management plans to inaugurate the theater in August.

The igloo theater is being built on just 500 meters and it will have a capacity of 100 seats. The seats are arranged so that 100 people can sit in this mini theater. Also, all facilities are provided in the au par theater with multiplexes such as full air conditioning, high quality surround system, etc.

Earlier, for entertainment, we frequently visit parks and movies. But who would have guessed that even a movie theater would be unique? Multiplex theaters can be found in cities and urban areas, attracting people’s attention. Luxury amenities captivate citizens of towns and cities. Villagers have to travel to distant places and towns to see the film.

Keeping this in mind, a group of friends took the initiative to build Telangana’s first igloo theater to entertain the rural people. Rajarampally (Jagtial district) will soon have its first Igloo cinema. The concept was inspired by the Chotu Maharaj Igloo cinema hall in Mumbai, which resembles the igloo houses created by the Eskimos. According to sources, it will have 100 seats with high quality facilities. The theater will open in less than a month.

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