Watch: Minnesota parents use multicolored ice blocks to build front yard igloo

January 18 (UPI) — A Minnesota family’s home is catching the attention of passers-by with an unusual new feature in their front yard: an igloo over 6 feet tall with multicolored blocks of ice.

Ashley and Ryan Thorson, of Owatonna, said they conceived the idea of ​​the igloo as a way to keep their three young sons occupied.

“To keep three boys busy and entertained sometimes you have to get creative,” Ashley Thorson told WCCO-TV.

The couple said they used aluminum trays to freeze around 250 blocks of ice, many dyed a range of colors, then spent more than 12 hours over four days assembling them in an igloo with snow from their court.

“You’re about two-thirds of the way there and you don’t want to do it anymore, but you’re way too invested, so you kind of have to finish,” Ryan Thorson said.

Parents said installing the roof was the hardest part of the build. It only suffered from one structural failure.

“We only had one wall that collapsed when we were about five rows away, but since then, as it was nice and warm, it melted and now it’s actually quite solid,” said the mother.

The igloo attracts the attention of passers-by. Ryan Thorson tweeted photos showing it lit from within, making the colored ice blocks glow.

“I hope this brings as many smiles to other people as it does to our family,” Ashley Thorson said.

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