We had the “worst house on the street” – after two years it’s now our dream house… but people say it’s basic

DECORING an entire house can be a lot of work.

Especially when it comes to tearing down walls and adding extensions.


Their house looked pretty average to begin with.Credit: TikTok/renovateahouseinhouse
The finished house looked so basic according to some viewers


The finished house looked so basic according to some viewersCredit: TikTok/renovateahouseinhouse

But this family decided to do just that and even documented the whole thing online.

Owner Louise recently shared a TikTok sharing the whole process of completely changing the house.

When they first bought the detached house, it looked a bit run down, but nothing that couldn’t be easily fixed.

Although Louise felt it was the worst house on the street, other people thought it looked better than most houses and didn’t need a lot of work.

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But they decided to go ahead with the renovations, going even further and transforming the house into the modern home of their dreams.

In the video, Louise showed that the house was “torn up” with almost nothing left in its original state.

They then added a large extension, as well as a loft conversion, she admitted, “it gets a lot worse before it gets better”.

They even spent the money to add a spike on the rough so it would match the rest of the houses on the road.

Finally, the house began to come together and Louise’s vision was not too far off.

But when she revealed the finished house, people thought it looked pretty basic.

The bathroom, which was supposed to have “hotel vibes”, actually looked plain and boring, according to some viewers.

Although Louise insisted it was her dream home, it was hard to see much of her personality in the property as it was predominantly grey.

One person said, “The house was cute before you ripped its soul apart, why not just buy some land and build a new one? Doesn’t make sense to me.”

A second added: ‘All very white and vanilla. It would have been much nicer to keep the interior modern but 30s inspired.’

A third joked: “Boring kitchen.”

They started from scratch with the renovation


They started from scratch with the renovationCredit: TikTok/renovateahouseinhouse
Hotel vibe was just dull for some viewers


Hotel vibe was just dull for some viewersCredit: TikTok/renovateahouseinhouse
Everything was torn up to make way for the dream house


Everything was torn up to make way for the dream houseCredit: TikTok/renovateahouseinhouse

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