We moved into a new house – but what we found in the back garden looked like something out of a HORROR FILM

A FAMILY was horrified to discover a pet graveyard in their garden after moving into a new home.

Andrew Hatton and his partner Lana were hit with the stench of dog urine shortly after they started living at home with their two young children.


Andrew Hatton found animal bones in his gardenCredit: MEN Media
Andrew moved into the Cheshire property with his partner and two children


Andrew moved into the Cheshire property with his partner and two childrenCredit: MEN Media

The dad cleaned Crewe’s house to prepare it for one-year-old Hugo, who has spina bifida and brain fluid but has become infested with flies.

He claims his son ended up with a urinary tract infection (UTI) after being bitten near where he had surgery to fit a catheter.

Andrew also says he fell ill after being bitten by the fleas, which he says came from dog hair found behind the radiator.

He was also sickened to find three rat daddies in the attic and cat and dog skeletons buried in the back garden.

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The father told Cheshire Live: “We were just living in a nightmare. It was so bad that the children’s mother was crying every day.

“I haven’t had a drink in just over two years and that put me in a situation where I was drinking again. I had to call a social worker for help.”

The family moved into the Guinness Homes property on March 13.

Andrew said when he looked around the house before signing, he and Lana just noticed the smell of paint.

But he claims their problems started immediately after getting the keys – the father cleaning until 3am to get rid of the stench of urine.

After the smell returned, Andrew reported it to Guinness who replaced the boards and sanitized the house.

That’s when the family noticed that the insulation in their attic was infested with flies, so a worker was sent in to fix the problem.

Believing the three dead rats to be the worst problem, Andrew was horrified when the animal bones in the garden were dug up.

He said: “My foot sunk into the ground and a hole appeared, showing a blanket, I put on gloves and pulled the blanket to find a cat’s skeleton and a collar. J walked around the garden and came across another cat and two buried dogs.

“The housing association told me that because they had no flesh, and they were just bones, you just had to throw them in the wheelie bin like you would a chicken.

“After that, the kids couldn’t go out in the back garden or anything. They just had to sit in the driveway in front.”


The family have now been moved to another three-bedroom house, but Andrew claims he spent £5,000 trying to make the house suitable.

Guinness gave her a “goodwill payment” of £280 as well as a £220 voucher to decorate their own home.

The company said it carried out “extensive work” on the property before Andrew moved in, including installing a new kitchen and redecorating the whole thing.

They also explained that they had removed dust and pet hair and cleaned the house, installed new flooring fitted for a specialist to carry out pest control treatments.

A spokesperson added: “Mr Hatton has advised the Environmental Health Service that the treatments have resolved the problem. It is not uncommon for more than one treatment to be required when dealing with pest problems in a home, but we are sorry for Mr. Hatton and his family that this could not be resolved more quickly.

“Following work in his garden, Mr Hatton informed us that a former resident had buried deceased pets in the garden.

“We are sorry for the upset this has caused Mr Hatton. He has received advice from the Department of Environmental Health that it poses no risk to him or his family.

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“We made a payment to Mr Hatton to reflect the inconvenience caused, and also paid the costs he incurred moving to a new property.

“Mr. Hatton told us he was happy with it, and he hasn’t expressed any concerns since. We will contact Mr. Hatton to discuss this further and determine if further payment is due to him.”

He found dead flies in the attic


He found dead flies in the atticCredit: MEN Media
The dad also discovered dog hair behind the radiator


The dad also discovered dog hair behind the radiatorCredit: MEN Media

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