WNC’s Hospice House Foundation Receives Nearly $100,000 in Grants

Philip L. Van Every Foundation – $25,000

“SECU Hospice House of WNC, so named in recognition and appreciation for an extraordinary $1 million gift from the State Employees’ Credit Union Foundation, is scheduled to open around this time next year,” Alderson said. “It will be through the philanthropic spirit of organizations like those listed here, individual and corporate donors, that our mountainous region will one day soon have a hospice home.

The need for an inpatient palliative care facility in the mountainous Far West region is great, Alderson said, considering that 25% of the population in that geographic area is aged 65 or older, the group of d age most served by palliative care.

“When we open the doors next year, SECU Hospice House of WNC (SECUHH) will become the only inpatient palliative care facility in North Carolina west of Asheville, increasing the percentage of WNC residents living in within 35 miles of such an establishment from zero to almost 75%,” she said.

SECUHH was designed by incorporating a 50+ year old 3,300 square foot home at 272 Maple Street in Franklin, which will provide the family environment with which hospices have become synonymous, where loved ones of SECUHH patients can access to comfortable areas for resting, cooking, and spiritual reflection. And, due to the sloped typography of the property, the facility was designed to include a 3,000 square foot lower level that will be used to support hospice care and hospice services. Palliative care helps improve the quality of life for people with serious illnesses, including but not limited to hospitalized patients, by relieving pain (and other troubling symptoms) and managing stress, as well than helping the patient understand treatment options and answering questions about their illness/concern.

An immediate funding need facing the Foundation is for architectural/engineering services related to the renovation of the residence hall and the completion of the lower level of the inpatient facility, an estimated expense of $35,000. that was not part of the original capital campaign budget, Alderson said.

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