Woman and dog rescued from fire at Central Islip home after passerby called 911

A woman and her dog were rescued from a fire at a Central Islip home on Saturday.

Firefighters said a fire started at 3 Rossmore Ave. At around 3:20 p.m., 84-year-old owner Mary Doxsee was inside on the first floor, unaware that she was in danger.

“She was sitting watching TV with her pet. She didn’t even realize her house was involved in a fire,” Central Islip Fire Department Chief Michael Zaleski said.

A passerby noticed smoke coming from the roof of the house and called 911. Police and firefighters responded within minutes.

News 12 Long Island was notified as two police officers helped the woman and her dog out of the home, firefighters extinguished the fire.

“When I entered towards the back of the house I went down the attic stairs and that’s where I saw some of the smoke billowing and it looked like there was an active fire. in the attic,” said First Deputy Chief Vinny Plotino.

Firefighters said Doxsee and her dog were not injured and were staying with their family.

“The firefighters were amazing, the police,” Darlene Hande said, fighting back tears as she spoke of her mother’s close call. “It was crazy.”

“She’s a little confused, so she doesn’t know exactly what happened,” Hande said.

She added that her mother suffered from dementia and could not speak about what happened, but was alive thanks to the quick response of Suffolk’s best and bravest. Hande said she couldn’t thank them enough.

“Everyone was amazing,” Hande said.

According to firefighters, the fire probably started in the attic.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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