York couple on Channel 4’s ‘worst house on the street’ talk about their experience

Couple Gemma, 34, and Scott, 42, appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Worst House on the Street’ to transform their three-bed terraced house in Holgate, which had fungus on the walls and a decor dated from the 1960s, in their new family home.

They enjoyed their experience so much that they now want to renovate more properties in the future.

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Scott and Gemma appeared on Channel 4’s Worst House in the Street Picture: Gemma and Scott

The couple moved to York with the intention of climbing the property ladder and starting a family after living in Dubai for seven years.

After discovering they were out of touch with the UK property market, they found a £195,000 house online.

Despite the state it was in, they say they loved its high ceilings and saw its potential.

York Press: The family bathroom Photo: Gemma and ScottThe family bathroom Photo: Gemma and Scott

However, the couple had no previous property development experience and were out of their comfort zone.

Scott then found an advertisement for the Channel 4 program while scrolling through Facebook, and despite the couple’s concerns about being on camera, they ultimately saw it as a great opportunity to enlist the help of experts and work to a schedule.

York Press: The master bedroom Photo: Gemma and ScottThe master bedroom Photo: Gemma and Scott

Filming began 10 days after initial talks with producers and their episode aired on Tuesday, August 9.

Scott told The Press: “The idea of ​​going on TV and working within the 14-week deadline was daunting – we didn’t think anything would come of it when we applied.

York Press: Fireplace Photo: Gemma and ScottFireplace Image: Gemma and Scott

“We were the last people to sign up for the show, so we were facing 10 days to find a builder in time for filming.

“The show helped us recruit local artisans faster, and it was good for them to show their work on TV.”

York Press: The Living Room Photo: Gemma and ScottThe living room Photo: Gemma and Scott

Gemma added: “I was worried about going to Tesco and people recognizing us, and how we met – we don’t like to be in front of the camera and like to be alone, but we quickly got over that as we were so busy with work that you forget they are there filming around you.

“We were nervous to see it, we watched the show with our family with our hands over our eyes, but we were happy about it and felt it showed us who we are.

York Press: The Kitchen Photo: Gemma and ScottThe kitchen Photo: Gemma and Scott

“It was weird seeing us on TV, but we thought it was good to show York – and Scott’s grandmother and grandfather who were watching from London thought York was beautiful.”

York Press: The bathroom Photo: Gemma and ScottThe bathroom Photo: Gemma and Scott

The couple said they just needed to finish tiling the downstairs bathroom and put a rug in the second bedroom.

In the future they plan to convert the loft into another bedroom with bathroom.

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